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The following medical conditions are evaluated and managed:

  1. Hayfever
  2. Asthma
  3. Evaluation of Chronic cough, sinus problems, headaches
  4. Evaluation of recurrent ear problems or infections
  5. Reactions to foods and Food allergy
  6. Reactions to latex and medications (Penicillin and other drugs)
  7. Allergy to pets
  8. Skin rashes: skin itching, reactions to cosmetics, poison ivy dermatitis, eczema etc.
  9. Reactions to “bee stings” and other insects
  10. Recurrent or chronic infections
  11. Immune deficiency disorders
  12. Anaphylaxis and other reactions


Allergy skin tests are done to detect allergy to pollen, mold, pet dander or house dust. These tests also identify “bee sting” allergy, allergy to foods and medications such as Penicillin. Breathing tests are done for those with asthma or other breathing difficulties. For allergic skin rashes, allergy patch tests are done.

The tests are quick and done with minimal discomfort. The tests are useful to diagnose the medical problem, define the severity of the illness and provide essential information for making a recommendation on the environmental factors. Allergy tests also identify the formula for tailoring allergy shots for each individual.


Once the allergy is identified, a plan is outlined to decrease or eliminate the medical problem. Relevant information and avoidance strategies are discussed. Where necessary, appropriate effective drugs are prescribed.

For long term benefit, Immunotherapy or “Allergy shots” are prescribed. These are useful in decreasing the allergy problems due to pollen, mold, house dust, pet dander allergy and cockroach allergy. For those with “bee sting allergy”, immunotherapy is the best and only effective treatment.

Immunotherapy is administered at all the office locations. If appropriate, they may be received at the Primary Care Physician’s office.

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